I’m an IT Geek by day, food hack at night, and an amateur wine maker in my spare time.

I am not a chef and don’t claim to be. I have no culinary training. I have great respect for anyone who chooses to put themselves out there by making a career in a kitchen. There is a huge difference between what I do and what they do. I’m just a guy who loves to cook and uses it as an expression of love and gratitude for those I care deeply about.


I started this blog eight years ago in 2011 for several reasons. One, because I started getting requests from friends to share the recipes of the food I was making. Two, I wanted to use it myself as a personal cook book or as an electronic recipe box where I could have all my recipes in one place. Most importantly though, I started this for my children so they would have the recipes of all their favorite foods after I was gone. My mother passed away in 2008. She was my first teacher in the kitchen. She is a large reason why I cook. There are so many recipes she took with her.

I also hope to show that anyone can cook and cook great food if they simply try. Cook happy and cook with love. I think that about sums it up.

This site is dedicated to my mother, Loretta, and to my children Elizabeth, Gregory, and John.


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