Loretta’s Chicken Salad


Sometimes the simplest meals are some of the best. Case in point, the chicken salad made following my mother Loretta’s recipe. She typically made this with left over turkey from Thanksgiving serving along with a cranberry relish and rolls on the side.

I must say that the turkey did give this salad a unique taste however it isn’t close to Thanksgiving and I had some cooked chicken to use so I made it with that instead. Either way, this is a great salad and a nice meal on a day when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen.

Loretta’s Chicken Salad


4 Cups cooked chicken
1 C celery minced
1 C seedless grapes halved (red)
1 C chopped English walnuts
¼ C finely minced red onion
1 C mayonnaise
½ C heavy cream – whipped


Combine first five ingredients. Fold whipped cream into mayonnaise and add to salad ingredients. Place in salad bowl lined with lettuce or other greens. Serve with chilled cranberry relish and warm rolls.

Here’s to you mom – the inspiration for my cooking!


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