Fried Green Tomatoes

It’s the end of Summer and a killing frost is going to wipe out your garden however your tomato plants still have several little jewels of deliciousness on them. You could pick them and place them in a sunny spot to let ripen, and as a matter of fact you should, but I also recommend taking several of them and making fried green tomatoes.

What’s not to like about fried green tomatoes? My recipe makes them crispy, saucy and very cheesy. Here’s what I do:


1 Cup buttermilk
1 Egg
8 slices green tomato (completely green if possible), approximately ¼-inch thick
1 cup Panko bread crumbs, lightly seasoned with salt, and black or white pepper

1 Cup Marinara
8 oz Fresh Mozzerella Cheese
Fresh shredded Parmesean Cheese
Fresh chopped basil


Preheat oven broiler.

In a medium bowl, whisk together buttermilk and egg. Heat shortening in a large saute pan over moderate heat.

Meanwhile, dip tomato slices in egg mixture, then Panko bread crumbs. Place tomato slices in pan in a single layer. Do not crowd. Cook over moderate heat until golden brown on bottom. Turn and brown on other side. (Total cooking time is 3 to 4 minutes.) Tomato should be cooked all the way through but not mushy. Exterior should be golden brown.

Remove tomatoes place on wire rack to drain excess oil. Then place slices in single layer on flat baking sheet. Top each tomato with one slice of mozzarella and broil until cheese is melted and just begins to brown.

Place hot marinara on serving plate. Place four tomato slices on top and garnish with fresh chopped basil. Repeat with remaining slices and serve immediately.


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