Just “desserts” — Grilled Peaches and Ice Cream

Here is an insanely easy dessert that is a perfect end to a day of grilling. Serve these with a white port or icewine and your guests will be talking about this dessert for a long time. You might call these S’mores for adults. Here is all you need:


Peaches – I prefer white flesh peaches. Make sure they are not too ripe.
Brown sugar
Vanilla ice cream


Heat grill to medium heat. Quarter peaches and sprinkle with brown sugar. Place peaches on grill skin side down. Grill approximately two minutes. Flip peaches to one of the cut sides and grill an additional two minutes. Flip to other cut side and grill another two minutes. Remove from grill. Place three to four peach slices in a bowl and scoop ice cream on top. Enjoy!


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